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Radiata Stories comment dump

Been spending my spring break with Radiata Stories for the PS2. Awwwright. I loved this game when it first came out six years ago, and I still love it now! It seriously did not get the attention it deserved, and so I hope to rectify that in a very belated and trivial way through RP. *shifty eyes*

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My roommate is crazy. Why is she so crazy? How is she so crazy? It boggles my mind.


I was curious about the voice actors in Tierkreis, so I looked through the credits to see who was who. Report:

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My laundry came out of the dryer...


It's the first time in weeks. :') I just had to record this occasion somewhere, I'm so happy. Stupid scam artist dryers...



I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Claymore.

- I like the characters, but why doesn't even one of them seem even remotely fun to RP?! (says the Jale RPer)
- The women are beautifully drawn, but the men are repulsive... lol. And it's just their faces! Their bodies are perfectly fine.
- Skin-tight clothing/nudity is helping me get to know the female body more, haha.
- Fanservice for the guys (and how), but surprisingly it doesn't bug me. Negima! and other fanservicey series could take a page from Claymore, in my opinion.
- Raki was okay until he... changed. He's supposed to be cooler, but I want to punch him in the teeth? I wish I could explain why.
- Clare is exceedingly hot. Haircut and to some extent clothes remind me of failure!Marica from the Tierkreis prologue.
- Galatea is hot.
- Had no idea that the Claymores were all blondes until I took a peek at the anime.
- Anime looks good in stills, but has lazy animation in many parts. Not a good sign in an action-driven anime. Too bored to get very far. Maybe I'm spoiled by Seirei no Moribito/Guardian of the Sacred Spirit?
- I seriously can't tell anyone apart except for the main seven gals.
- One of the few series in which I'd actually like to see a filler episode once in a while. I love the driven plot and action, but I'd love to see these characters taking it easy or just developing in a more easy-going way. But maybe this can't happen because they all eventually drop dead anyway...
- Constant character death has made me develop a defense mechanism in which I don't attach myself to anyone but Clare, the only one guaranteed survival (until she inevitably dies very end, I suppose). Not entirely successful with this, but I try.
- Raki will become an enemy. I feel it in my bones. I hope Clare stabs him in the eyes.
- Teresa. :(
- Go read it!


I never really realized how clear the stars are from my apartment til now. When I'm outside I'm usually biking and concentrating on the road, and I've never made a habit of looking up, having been raised in a heavily light polluted area. I've never been a nature lover, but it's pretty trippy being able to see the stars so bright and clear! It was actually surreal to realize that oh my god constellations exist and that they're not made up phenomena that people don't actually see outside of fiction.

And I actually got vertigo from looking up at the stars... does that make sense? They look so far away...

I was feeling all zen for a moment, but then some loud and probably drunk party-goers passed by and are now blasting crappy music a few rooms down at 1:00 in the morning. Sigh. ._.